Mytek sells and does not deliver

Havent heard a word in months
Communication back & forth after complaint looked promising sadly another toothless government agency have little faith anything will come from it
Btw, as of Dec 2022 Mytek STILL has Not delivered BB2 they started accepting payments for Feb 2021

They are ‘bigging it up’ on YouTube. Even down to the new screen ‘that will not fail after three years like on the original’ :astonished:

So if they know that, they should be replacing any failed screens for free even outside warranty.

Still no active deliveries. I am just waiting for “Due to unforeseen economic world-wide influences, we are sorry to say Mytek is closing its doors,” email. And I am doubtful that Mytek’s Micael will be proactive in returning all outstanding deposits. Once again how is this not illegal, taking people’s money and holding it hostage and not providing a product month after month after month.

Well, maybe it is illegal. Not a lawyer, so can’t tell. ■■■■■■ behaviour - that’s for sure.

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I wonder how is it going.

Quote from their web-page: BB2 will be shipping to prebooked customers first. There is a backlog. As of now, BB2 ordered here today will be shipped in February of 2023 (updated Jan 6, 2023)