Mytek sells and does not deliver

As long as you don’t see one test report, you can assume there is not one commercial device available.

Sidenote: my Brooklyn DAC+ went dead. I contacted Mytek US a couple a weeks ago for repair: no answer

I wondered if some had gone out on the trade-in deal, as I see that they are offering refurbed BBS on the website.

I had a very efficient and prompt repair a while back, but that was via HEM, just before the trouble. If it’s post warranty work, HEM may still be able to do it unless they’ve been legally prevented now. That doesn’t help if you’re not in Europe anyway, of course.

Interesting: as Mytek US did not responded to my query, I contacted HEM and they replied within minutes. My unit is now there for repair.

However, Mytek US announced in early 2021 the new BB2. The release date was since then postponed several times. I gave up, as I lost trust in investing further in their product line.

I sold the entire Mytek line-up last year (just kept the Brooklyn DAC as a headphone amp) and went over to Lyngdorf. The TDAI-3400 took me a giant leap forward in audibility/quality of my system.


You have by now read thru this thread? On the other hand there is this When will Mytek Brooklyn Bridge Roon II be Certified? - #27 by Stefan_Mauron
Someone has recently received something from them, not really ready for prime time yet apparently.

The only way I would buy anything from these people is if they sent it prepaid freight with 90 day, zero interest, payment terms. Also, 90 day, no questions return policy with no restocking fee.

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I hear you Jim, unbelievable behavior going on here. Hopefully some credit card company protection for some of these poor folks maybe? time restrictions?

@Michal_Jurewicz1 @Michal_Jurewicz has been in this thread so hopefully he can give an update.

My understanding (reading somewhere) was things are now shipping but I could be wrong.

At least one. Confirmed here…

That’s pretty close to a Ponzi style business model IMO

Caveat Emptor



We are happily delivering the Brooklyn Bridges II to everybody who ordered them. Ideally it should be faster, given the long wait, we are doing everything to get this done as fast as possible. Now, it turns out that you never ordered anything from us nor have we received any payments from Richard Spector as far as our records shows.

You could lay out your case and then speak on the merit, if there was one. You keep going around several groups like a vigilante, obviously with a lot of free time, on some kind of mission, posting your own conspiracy theories and very serious accusations without evidence. You did that on our private facebook page couple of months ago and got a warning that being a member of the facebook group is a privilege. Now when you did it again and we disinvited you from the facebook page. Subsequently you threatened you will double down elsewhere and now you come polluting here.

Mytek Brooklyn Bridge 2 product is a great product, there is nothing like this. Customers who ordered can decide for themselves if they want to wait or not, this kind of advice is not helpful.

We are not sure about your motivation and particularly your determination to make a point here. This is trolling. I’m writing this, so readers can see we read the posts, but I will not engage in further discussions with you as you are not and you were not our customer, yet you pretend to be one. I strongly suggest that you take whatever grievances you have elsewhere.

Sincerely, Michal at Mytek

Richard Spector, I have replied to your original post with my post above. Now you edited this original post of yours to change its meaning so my response now doesn’t seem to relate. You really are trolling. You should take this game elsewhere, this is a forum for Roon users.

@Richard_Spector1 has changed his name to Duffer5 and edited original posts. I’m leaving my posts as the original answer to the original posts by Richard Spector that were subsequently edited.


While we understand that some individuals have an ongoing dispute with Mytek we need to make it perfectly clear that the Roon Community is NOT the place to raise these issues. Take these discussions to some other forum or explore the legal actions available to you as a consumer, but DO NOT drag Roon or our community into your dispute.

We are closing this thread along with any others like it, and will take appropriate action should users continue to start discussions of this nature.

Please understand that this is not Roon condoning any actions taken by a member of our partner program nor is it an indication of our stance on any dispute. We are simply working to ensure that our community forum remains focused on its intended purpose which is to bring members of the Roon user community together to further the enjoyment of our products.