NAA image for rendu?

There used to be an NAA image for Sonore rendu streamers, which I have used since I bricked my SO 2.8. The location if I recall correctly was Index of /bins/naa/images/

But now I can’t find it, and paying and waiting for SO 2.8 is annoying (I like Sonore but the handling of their streamer images is sort of horrible).

Any suggestions?

Yes there was a Rendu image indeed - I guess the amount of hardware to support became too large for Jussi

And there’s wayyy more RPi4s out there than any of the SolidRun SBCs (eg the CuBox, which Jussi used to support too from memory).

This is what the microRendu had inside (I think):

Jussi may reply that he can send you the last he made for the Rendu.

Otherwise, if I were you, order SO 2.8. And first thing you do is back an image backup of it… And store that image in the cloud, safe.

And get an RPi4 to use in the mean time.

RPi4 should be an essential item for all HQPlayer users. Either to use daily as main NAA or to have in case of emergency like this :grin:

My favourite NAA is the Jussi recommended UpBoard Gateway. He uses one too so I don’t need to worry about support fading away, until he stops using one!

Powered easily by 5Vdc - under 4W consumption for me.

I use it for NAA input