NAA implemented in RAAT?

I was just wondering how to use Roon & HQ Player if the endpoint should receive the audio over Ethernet. I’ve checked the forum and I’ve found discussions about that resulting in:

  1. Establish a “DSP only” connection Roon>HQ Player>Roon.
    Learned that architectures don’t allow this to becoming reality in the near future without compromising SQ. Ok.

  2. Using HQ players’ proprietary NAA. Downsides are:

  • RoonReady devices not necessarily NAA compatible
  • losing Roon output multi room architecture

Hence my question, ever thought about:

  1. Integrating NAA compatibility in RAAT for RoonReady endpoints?

I’m no engineer therefore excuse if my thought might be stupid.


How about?

  1. Get HQ Player to support RAAT endpoints

I vote for 4.

It would release Jussi of the burden of maintaining the NAA distributions while opening up far more endpoints to HQP, from DYI to PC/Mac to Hifi streamers.

If only… :wink:

NAA support is already included in number of products, like exaSound PlayPoint and SOtM SMS-100 and Sonore Sonic Orbiter.

NAA is designed to co-operate nicely with HQPlayer without limiting output capabilities.

If good alternatives appear with MIT/BSD licensed source code, I can take a look.

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Thanks all for the feedback. 4) sounds good, even better. This would open up all the Roon endpoints like all those Aurenders, Totaldacs and others out there, for HQ Player features output over Ethernet. I have no glue how big the amount of hardware streamers is that will be RoonReady and NAA endpoints at the same time, but most likely they are not that much. So 3) or 4) should be a win-win for HQ Player and Roon in terms of prospects as well.

Interesting times.


Brian commented upon a suggestion that HQ Player loop back to Roon.

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Yes Andrew thanks, I have read that before - as posted under point 1).

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