NAA on Pi; WiFi v Ethernet

I use a PI 4 with naa. Today I tried a battery pack to the PI and then installed Ropieee so I could try it over wifi. Battery pack made no difference. Wifi played fine but there was slight noise. Back to ethernet and Naa image.

??? don’t have the Antipodes EX anymore?

You bet I do. Best audio purchase ever.
EX/roon/HQP over ethernet to PI 4/naa over usb to TT.

I see…I was thinking the Pi4 replaced the EX. I obviously dont have a clue what Pi4 does then lol

Have you seen an update yer from Antipodes to get the new HqPlayer firmware?

I keep checking but no update for HQP yet. I don’t think there is any other way than doing an update and seeing if any packages are downloaded. Would be nice to get the sinc-s filter. I have tried it on my desktop version. It’s faster to load but not as full sounding as sinc-m on my system anyway.

Yeah I wouldn’t mind trying it myself. After lots of trying out and comparing to my turntable, I’ve sort of settled on this ext2 N5 PCM 352.8/384. I did try DSD128 few a while too.

Would be interesting to see how ext2 compares to Sinc-S