NAA Setup to my Main PC & Sub PC

My main PC is used as Roon Core. Also HQ player too.
My Pi4b with Ropieee is to unstable and i decide use my sub PC as Roon Bridge with HQ player.
I follow the notice on Signalyst to install Network Audiod 4.23 on my Sub PC. but it dosen’t work. It just make CMD console only and try to connect my main PC but it’s inturupeted. I don’t know why.

Is there anyone Use as like me? Let me know how i can install NAA on My sub PC and control on my Main PC as NAA

This is how it runs. Please provide more details about your network setup and your sub PC’s configurations (OS / USB drivers…).

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Window 10 and IFI Xdsd Signature i Use. and both computer on same router.

Some HQ player Site show me way that use ASIO. I will try it on tonight

It seems quite unusual … I’m running two rpi4/RoPieeeXL and they are rock solid.
How is it connected to the lan? Wired or Wi-Fi? Is it running the last sw version?
How do you power it?

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The Problem is how i use Rpi 4B. My DAC is IFI Xdsd signature (Portable amp with RCA out) and I use it as DAC in my room and also use portable amp on outside. when i come back home, I connect IFI to My Rpi and it takes some time to find USB audio. and I have to rework my HQP and setting NAA again. (Roon core in living room and my Headphone AMP in bedroom)

If i don’t touch my Rpi and DAC, there is no problem. but i have to take out that everyday. that’s the problem.

:+1: … now I understand …

As long as you close HQPlayer before disconnecting the DAC and start HQPlayer only after connecting the DAC, it should work fine.

Alternatively also turn off the RPi NAA when you are disconnecting the DAC.

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Yep, DAC on first and DAC off last is always a good system to follow !

Along with amp on last and amp off first.

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