NAD 50.2 not recognized by Roon software [answered: not a Roon Core device]

Yesterday I added a NAD 50.2 streamer CD ripper/player to my home network that is connected by ethernet and includes a Devialet 220 integrated amplifier, a Vortexbox ripper/server, a USB hard drive for back up, a Dell 8700 desktop computer and an LP player and a headphone amplifier.

Roon is not recognizing the NAD 50.2. What can I do to get it recognized?



Can you see the NAD on your network?
Is it running the latest BluOS firmware?

Do you have anyother Roon Ready device’s and if so are they recognise by Roon?

I cannot see the NAD 50.2 on my network but I am running the latest BluOS firmware on my i-phone 7.

I have a Roon ready sonictransporter that recognizes Roon.


This suggests the NAD’s network configuration need double checking. Make sure it’s using DHCP, AND is being assigned an IP address. I use an iOS app called fing to scan for a check devices.

It’s the firmware on the NAD 50.2 that requires checking.

That adds confidence with your LAN setup.


Thanks for the tip on fing to scan my network fror IP addreses etc…

The NAD 50.2 is now being recognized on my network.

Using the Roon button I cannot connect to Roon. When I press the Roon button, a message comes up"Lost Connection" along with a button to select a different core. I am not sure about what to do as the Sonictransporter is supposed to be my core for Roon. Do you have any suggestions?

What I want to be able to do is to shuffle play my FLAC format songs which are stored on both my Vortexbox ripper server and on my NAD 50.2. Do you know if this is possbile?


I am still having a problem getting Roon to work. Is there a possible conflict between Sonicorbiter as the Roon core and the new NAD 50.2?

Hello @Greg_Johnson,

When you say that “press the Roon button” and are seeing “Lost Connection”, are you referring to using the Roon app on your iPhone? Are you able to open or use Roon at all?

As far as I am aware, there are no known issues with the NAD M50.2 and Roon at this time.



I am using my Dell XPS8700 desktop computer to try to access Roon. Roon now comes up when I click on the Roon button but none of the CD’s that I ripped onto the NAD 50.2 come up. I went into Roon / Settings/Audio and enabled the NAD 50.2 which is shown at a network address. When I go to change my Core from sonictransport at to the NAD 50.2 by selecting “I want to connect to a different core” my computer gets hung up with a flashing message “Searching for devices” and I am hterefore not able to select NAD 50.2 as the new core. How do I get the newly ripped CD’s on my NAD 50.2 recognized by Roon and how to I change the Roon core to the NAD 50.2?

The NAD is not a Roon Core, that’s why it does not respond.

I’m not familiar with that device but I can point you in the right direction.

You need to enable a SMB share on the NAD, that exposes the music files onto the LAN.

Then in Roon -> Settings -> Storage
Point Roon at the NAD’s network share.

Do checkout the Roon Knowledge Base lots of useful info there the new and more experienced users alike.

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