NAD C 368 w/ BluOS + sonicTransporter i5 + microRendu


I have been trying to figure out if the sonicTransporter i5 + microRendu bundle add value to my new 2-channel stereo system, which consist of the following:

  • 6TB External Hard Drive w/ 25K Hi-Res music files of various file types
  • NAD C 368 Hybrid DAC Amplifier w/BluOS
  • Merlin TSM speakers
  • Router

Given that the NAD Amp is Roon-ready there doesn’t appear to be any value for adding the mR to my system. But the sonicTransporter, if nothing else, provides a home for the Roon core other than on my aging iMac. Plus the sonicTransporter can be easily stored with the other components that are in my 2-channel stereo system; whereas, the iMac will be in a different room.

At first glance it appears that the correct way to add the sonicTransporter is in this sequence: External Hard Drive sonicTransporter Router NAD Amp. Taking a second look, there doesn’t seem to be a need to include the router in the sequence at all.

Please share any thoughts you may have on what I might be missing.


You might also consider a ROCK NUC.

Hi Daniel, I did consider the ROCK NUC, but the DIY aspect of it was a deterrent as I am really challenged when it comes to building stuff. The sonicTransporter comes ready to use.

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