NAD C658 Certification

Been using my NAD C658 connected to a Mac mini as a server running latest Roon for a while.

No problems, good sound (better with Dirac on), no complaints.

But when I check the Audio Settings, it tells me the C658 is still ‘uncertified’.

Who’s responsible for fixing this? NAD or Roon?

Just curious…

– P

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I would be interested in knowing this as well, as I am considering buying one. As it used BluOS hopefully it shouldn’t be an issue to get it Roon certified.

Very Cool…now with the new Bluos update (just released) the MQA lights up on display when playing from Roon ! A few caveats:

  1. In Roon the C658 must be configured as both Decoder and Renderer

  2. Select NO for “Enable MQA Core Decoder”

  3. This is interesting…MQA songs will flat out not play if Dirac is turned on. You can trick it by starting a song first then engaging Dirac on the fly, but if you try to start an MQA song while Dirac is engaged then you just get static.

  4. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the MQA logo to light up on the front display…doesn’t always immediately recognize.

So progress !!!

I should point out that if you play MQA song thru the Bluesound app then it seems to work nicely alongside Dirac…

Still the ability to play MQA through Roon is a nice improvement, even if Dirac must be turned off.