Nad c658 is power always on bad for it?

My Nad c658 has an auto off setting that triggers after 20 or so minutes but it doesn’t seem like you can change this other than to disable/enable. No changing to say an hour it will auto off. At least 2 or 3 times a week I leave it paused for a couple or so hours w/ no activity. I emailed Nad who of course gave me some lame ass canned answer about the manual. They did not answer my main question

Can I SAFELY leave my c658 powered on all day?

(these things have a couple issues for anybody thinking about buying one. 1 Volume stepping sucks it’s so slow. OMG please give me a setting for that. 2 auto off 3 It may have it but I’ve not found volume limiting. 4 and this one also kinda sucks is it doesn’t work so great on a harmony remote. I’ve taken to using the 12v trigger. These things are minor compared to the good parts. I have annoyances but no regrets at all, I really like this thing.)