NAD C658 with Roon's MQA Core Decoder

Nice :slight_smile:

The BluOS shows a MQA logo now. It’s the first time I’ve seen a purple MQA light. It still doesn’t show up on the C658’s display though.

The update also fixed the volume display in Roon so it will show dB instead of percentage.

My OCD is finally satisfied :sweat_smile: Another thing I noticed is the M10 screen now displays Roon Ready rather than just Roon. Guess it’s now officially certified even though they said it has been months ago.

Sorry to hear about the C658. Will they certify this?

It also says “roon ready” now on the C658’s display.

Have you raised this with Roon or BluOS since the update today and what DSP do you have enabled now?

It works the same when applying any kind of DSP via Roon. The only exception is still Audeze’s linear filter.

I haven’t raised this with NAD. Besides the missing MQA light on the device itself, it seems to me that this particular issue is resolved.

When I use volume leveling in Roon, the MQA indicator on my C658 won’t light up. That was true before the update, I hoped the update would fix that, but it’s still the case now. But the gain level setting in the BluOs app works just fine, accomplishes the same thing, and the MQA indictor lights up. So that’s good. I did use the DIRAC app that came with the C658 to apply DSP, but Roon doesn’t see that, I think.

@JChrisG, The purple MQA indicator should be visible in the BluOS interface in the case you were mentioning. The indicator still won’t show up on my C658 though. Maybe the purple indicator doesn’t exist in the display’s interface? :man_shrugging: I have never seen it before.

Dirac alone doesn’t seem to affect the MQA indicator. It’s still blue/green. Which makes me think: Shouldn’t the MQA indicator be purple in this case? :thinking: :man_shrugging:

@JChrisG, Are you sure the Replay-Gain in BluOS is working in Tidal? In my case, it doesn’t seem to affect the volume at all. Roon’s volume leveling on the other hand works flawlessly.

I think it works, Arash. I have it set to smart gain in the BluOS app and I don’t always have to fiddle with the volume while Roon radio is playing. Right now I’m playing Dr. Lonnie Smith “Breathe” 48:96 Tidal master and I see the green mqa icon on the BluOS screen and the C658 display.

That’s weird, cause I have done the same and BluOS’ Replay-Gain clearly doesn’t affect the volume while Roon’s volume leveling obviously does :confused:

I’ve also noticed that Roon’s signal path no longer has an indication for when Dirac is enabled. This is odd.

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