NAD C700 not showing up in Roon Ready endpoints

Roon Core Machine

NUC5i5 8GB Ram Roon OS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Sky Router UK

Connected Audio Devices

NAD C 700

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I’ve just signed up for the trial, set up my Roon core on a NUC and went through the initial setup. My problem is my NAD C700 is not showing up in the Roon ready endpoints audio section. Every other audio device I own is show but not the NAD. I read the C700 was made Roon ready in November……has anybody had the same?

The C700 is indeed on the Roon Ready list .
How are you connected to it?

The C700 is connected via a Ethernet cable to a 5 port switch which is fed wired from my router. My bluesound Soundbar + which is connected via Ethernet shows up in Roon ready and all my Google devices show up as Roon tested.

Is this the only unit connected to that particular switch?

Can you see the nad on your network outside of Roon?

Just trying to see if it is really on the network at all.

The Roon core is connected to the sane switch, the bluesound app can see it ok. Tidal connect works with it. Using the Fing app I can see it on the network and the IP address. It just looks like it isn’t Roon ready so not on the list.

Then we will have to wait for @support as I do see it on the official Roon Ready list.

Do you have the latest firmware?

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It is running BluOS 3.16.1 which I believe is the latest firmware.


Can you please post a screen shot of the Audio section in Roon? Have you tried running the C700 wirelessly?

Did you try disconnecting and rebooting the Core? I had the same problem with my M10 at first but that did the trick for me.

It’s working now….I hadn’t set up Wi-Fi. As soon as I put my password in and updated the setting in the C700 Roon saw it. Thanks all that helped.


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