NAD D 7050 Roon Support as an Endpoint

Any plans,to support the NAD D 7050 as an Ethernet DAC endpoint?

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@mike Do you know if you are woking on supporting the NAD D 7050 as an endpoint?

I have the same question. Any plans to support Nad D 7050 as an endpoint?

Any news regarding if the NAD D 7050 will become RoonReady?
If not, any recommendation what I should put in between my Mac Mini running Roon and my NAD D 7050 to receive best audio quality?
(am not a big fan of AirPlay)

If you want something now and not AirPlay then look out for a Meridian MS200 and put the optical into your NAD. If you can wait for RoonReady hardware then there will be other options.

Usb from the mac mini to NAD.

I no longer have a 7050 (sold it a couple years ago) but this would be really cool. I would probably repurchase another one if they updated it to be a Roon Endpoint, for a desktop system.

It might just be a processor power limitation possibly? I don’t know what processor is inside the 7050 though.