NAD M10 and ROON MQA settings?

Always confused about what should be set on my M10 endpoint and Roon for MQA.? They both have options, can any body help with the best settings on each ?

I see there is a similar topic , but it got into multiple end points and other things. I only use the single M10 endpoint, and do use volume leveling and have everything set to up sample. I did find some volume leveling on the M10, but figured ROON to be better there.


Hi Wayne

The setting I would do with a M10 is Roon Core Decoder enabled. M10 renderer only. Then you can still use DSP and other sound processing features in Roon. You see if it works, if you stll got the blue or the green MQA light.

Thanks Peter, I will review the settings as they are now.

Well in device setup for the M10 in ROON, I have the Core MQA Decoder on. For the M10 MQA setting, it did not seem to make a difference whether I had the M10 setting at Decode and Renderer or just Renderer alone. The signal path looked the same. So ? If you are referring to the blue or green MQA light in Bluos I never see that when using ROON. Maybe I should try and take a snap shot of the signal path and see what you all think ? I don’t know what the best way to do that is.

In this case disable upsampling and volume leveling and check again, please.

Hello again, I did not get to change anything yet, but here is what it looks like on my ROON signal path. This is sourced from my ripped library, from an MQA’s in 2 parts as to long for one pic. I was and probably will post these] and another from a Qobuz file elsewhere just trying to see if it all looks correct. So here was the pics of the MQA. Thanks, Wayne

Hi Wayne

but what I can see, the looks pretty perfect. The file is recognised as MQA file. Roon does the first unfold to 88.2. It does preserve the MQA signaling. Then it does all the processing. Finally it reports that the M10 is MQA renderer.

Everything right and ok. When I was talking about the blue or the green light, you get this on the Device (M10) if MQA is playing. I do not have a M10 to test only a Meridian device, I do not know how it looks like on the M10.

But according to you signal path, everything is ok.

Now it’s time to enjoy some music.

Best, Peter

Well thank you for reviewing. I believe the MQA lights you are speaking of is if you play an MQA file thru Blusound directly you do get the little MQA lights. But if you turn on Blusound while you are actually using ROON, the only indication you see on the Blusound screen , is the Roon logo.

I think then I will leave everything as is, including Core MQA on and M10 as decorder and renderer, unless I get some other info from ROON.

Any idea what the equalizer is in the signal path, as I did not turn on any equalizer that I know of. Unless that is standard from DSP being on for upsampling ?

Thank, ,

Do have in the DSP settings under “Filters” Procedural EQ or Parametric EQ activated? That’s actually where it comes from.

I find that is the Dirac .