NAD M10 cannot decode Qobuz 88.2 files

Hello, I just got a NAD M10 amplifier. I know it is not Roon certified, but I have had a good luck so far using it as a Roon endpoint, with one exception. Any Qobuz file with 88.2 resolution freezes the M10 and I need to reboot it, while Roon displays a message that it lost control of the device. It seems to happen only with files with that resolution (88.2) on the M10, not other resolutions or other endpoints. Can you think of a workaround for that problem? Short of excluding those files when playing to the M10? Is there a way to re-sample any files with 88.2 to something else? Thank you for your help!

Go to DSP and there is a sample rate conversion tool there. You can’t configure it on a phone but it works on all other devices.
And for future posts for stuff you don’t know, do it in support as that is looked at moree often :wink:

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Thank you, that was quick! Sorry but I am not an expert and I do not know where to find DSP and the rate conversion tool you mentioned…

This is on my phone but you will get the idea.

Click the volume button

Which will give a little pop up with DSP as one of the selections

Clicking on that gives you rate tool


Fantastic, thank you! Worked like a charm!

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Are you using Dirac Live 3 filters ? I had the same problem with my C658 when I was using Dirac Live 3 filters with MQA files at 88.2

Yes, I am. After I started up sampling through Roon the problem went away though.

Just as a test disable Dirac Live 3.0 filter and put back in Roon to not oversampling and you will be possible to play 88.2 files. pretty sure it’s a bug with Dirac Live 3.0 filters