NAD M10 with Roon

Is there anyone here that can share any pictures of the NAD M10 running Roon. What it looks like on that nice big screen?

What exactly are you after?

This is not my current system. but it should answer you question. I don’t always use it like this, as I sometimes cover the TV system with a heavy blanket during listening. But I do have an HDMI from my addition where my computers are , including my ROON core, thru around and back up thru the floor to my TV. Latest system below.


Thank you!

I am looking for a streamer with a nice big screen to show what is playing. Something I can at least see across the room. It needs to be either a bridge I can use with my current DAC or a streamer/DAC/preamp combo with xlr balanced out to feed my mono blocks. The preamp part is only necessary to have one single ended rca input for a turntable. The NAD M10 has an amp. Don’t really need that. The Matrix Mini Pro and the Bel Canto has got it all except for the larger screen and the Auralic Altair G1 is missing the rca single ended input. Know of anything?

Lack of XLR is a dealbreaker right? The only streamer with XLR and large display I can think of right now it the HiFi Rose (quite pricey) Roon + HiFi Rose | Get Roon for a Better Music Experience

I have the M10 which is a great piece of kit and also have my turntable’s preamp connected to it.

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Yes. The HiFi Rose is super nice, but I just can’t spend that much. My power amps are the Schiit Vidars. I adore them. They run in mono block mode but only through XLR. Currently, they are fed from my Schiit Freya. Rasp Pi to my Topping D90 to my Freya also. Want a dedicated Roon certified device. A bridge to work with my Topping and keep the Freya or a Streamer/DAC combo and sell the D90 and Freya…

Cambridge Audio have XLR but the display is not big. I believe they’re under £1000.

Neither the CXN or the 851 have any rca inputs for my turntable unfortunately…

Maybe I’ll email HiFi Rose to see if they will sell me one at half price if I do an in depth YouTube video for them. LOL, Not many folks know about this unit…

Adding a 7" official display with case to your RPi and installing Ropieee may just be cutting it for seeing it across the room at the lowest possible cost.
Adding a FLIRC remote dongle even lets you use the Topping’s three invalid remote buttons to initiate start/stop fwd/rev.

@ Michael_Green
You can use any device with a webbrowser and a display with the Roon Web Controller extension (if a 7" display is too small).

How about the NAD M12? It has XLR outputs. I’m not sure if it shares the same display as the M10… I recently picked up the M10 and love the large screen. It’s readable across the room and I like the minimalist aesthetic.

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do you need cover art, or just large readable text? A Logitech Transporter might work for the latter. you can set text size, and Roon has a squeezebox mode that works very well.

plus, it has XLR analog output should you wish to use it’s internal dac, which still sounds very good after all these years.

there typically are new Transporter SEs available on ebay for ~$400.