NAD M10v2 not showing as Roon Ready (ref#NGX65Q)

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Hardware Compatibility

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My NAD M10v2 is not showing as Roon Ready, but is available on Airplay. BluOS support said to contact Roon about this issue as I told there is nothing they can do. I’m on the latest firmware and the player is on the same network. Many thanks.

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Windows Surface Pro 6

Connected Audio Devices

NAD M10v2 and NAD M10 both wifi.

Home Network Details

Wifi via BT Wholehome mesh network

Have you tried rebooting your network and Roon Server? Quite often this resolves issues with endpoints.

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried this yesterday but the problem persists, unfortunately. Thank you, though.

Try powering off & on (eg pull the plug) the Nad - sometimes it helps

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Unplug it for 30 minutes, as well as the complete network reset has put my M33 back on track when I had the same issue.
Best luck :crossed_fingers:

30 minutes? There is no reason for such a wait
A Hard Reboot will simply re-load the native OS of the Nad (instead of just waking it up).
It’s like rebooting your laptop …

Thank you - I’ve tried this as well, but still not showing as Roon Ready, unfortunately.

You do you my friend, I suggested what worked for me. I had tried the quick method first (yes I have common sense in troubleshooting methodology) decided to try giving enough time to ensure that the capacitors have discharged as much as possible. M33 does have a mains power switch on the rear panel I switched on to further this process. I believe the M10 does not.
You probably have actual experience with the M10 that I do not. I was just trying to help the OP.
Good day.

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Well if you cannot shake her loose you probably have around 30 days before you hear back from @support team. Maybe consider a manual usb update of the firmware? Mine only pulled this stunt once and the power down snapped it back after I had tried the rest of what you have been recommended.

Thank you - I will give this a go…

Hi @benponting ,
Thanks for your patience while worked through the queue. Are you still experiencing this issue?

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