NAD M33 anywhere on delivery in Europe?

Hifi Klubben had the NAD M33 listed for August 24th.
Now it‘s September 9th.

The thing was announced by NAD in January.
This is going to be the ‚Duke Nukem Forever‘ of HiFi.

No Roon certification, no product delivery - what‘s wrong with NAD?

I think Roon certifaction isn’t the problem for the delay. There are still no devices in delivery in Europe/Germany - I ordered mine for mote than 6 weeks. Last week the German distribution said they have no delivery date informations.

I didn’t intent to suggest it might be the Roon certification.
It’s just that I was considering to buy one myself, and was wondering wether anybody already got one.

However, it looks like NAD has massive problems - Hifi Klubben now lists the expected delivery date as October 8th.

The M33 is made in China. That‘s a long way during that pandemic