NAD M50.2 IP Address or MAC address issues

I am having some trouble continually accessing my music stored on my NAD M50.2 device via the Roon App. In the last eight months, my power has turned off for various reasons and each time the power comes back on, the IP address of my NAD M50.2 changes slightly. This causes my Roon App to display there is an issue with the storage. The current solution to this issue is to add another storage folder in the Roon App with the new IP address, which usually takes ~5 hours. I’d prefer not to have to do this every time the power goes out because it is time consuming and I have to reconfigure my library in the Roon App. I’ve searched through some of the threads on this website and it seems that Greg Johnson had similar issue, but I don’t want to compromise my network security with a static IP address. Greg Johnson said that NetBIOS was his solution, but besides that comment by him I couldn’t find any information on how to get Roon to find My NAD M50.2 by its MAC address instead of a changing IP address. Is there any solution that would allow me to have Roon access my server consistently no matter if the IP address changes? I am not the best at computer/network configuration and I only have a Macintosh Laptop/iPad to try to make changes to the network or NAD M50.2.


Not sure why a static address would be seen as compromising security.
If you don’t want one of those then create a reserved DHCP address.

Hi @Michael_Staszak,
Your network router should allow you to reserve a DHCP assigned IP address against the device’s MAC address, once done that IP is “locked in” so when it sends a DHCP requests for an IP the router will always supply the same one.

(This is what I do for all my hardwired devices, as I prefer to manage IP addresses centrally rather than configuring each device with a static address.)



I am still having the same problem that you have, that is, the IP address for the NAD M50.2 changing when there is a power outage and when Roon was working I had to go into Roon settings under “Storage” & re-enter the new IP address & it took over night for Roon to load the music data. I too would like a solution to this problem.

See my post above.

There is nothing wrong with using a static address – it is no more or less secure than a dynamic address. If you can’t for any reason use a reserved dynamic address as @Carl suggest, don’t hesitate to use a static address to make this problem go away.


As some others, I also tell my router (Ubiquiti EdgeRouter) to assign specific IP addresses to my wired servers and endpoints. However, some routers offer an alternative: local DNS that binds fixed device names to IP dynamic addresses. Then you can refer to the device as name or name.local rather than by the potentially changing IP address.


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