NAD T 778 As Roon Endpoint Device

Can the T 778 be a Roon endpoint via Ethernet? I have very poor Wi-Fi reception in the HT cabinet. I want to replace my Marantz SR6009 AVR, Mac mini/iFi Audio iDAC2 combination with the T 778 and gain Dirac Live room correction. An iMac has the Roon Core and connects to the Mac mini running Roon Bridge via Ethernet.

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Hi John, I have my T758 set up like that. Works like a charm :slight_smile:
Brgds, Rene


Thanks Rene!

I have aT778 and it works perfectly as a Roon stereo endpoint. It wont do multichannel, but that’s coz blusound is limited to stereo.


Doesn’t had HDMI 2.1. But fine if you don’t plan on gaming on one of the two: Xbox series x or ps5. What’s the sound like, movie wise and how does it sound with playing music?

I am auditioning a T 778. Works fine as a Roon endpoint via Ethernet. I have not attached the USB/ BluOS dongle so cannot speak to that. I am very happy with the sound. A definite step up from my Marantz SR6009 AVR, Mac mini/iFi Audio iDAC2 combination. Though I was utilizing room EQ via Roons DSP and that was a game changer, Dirac Live makes further improvements in dialog intelligibility on movies and bass definition on music. I can play music louder without it getting hard sounding and congested.

Hi, my brother has some issues getting the 778 to work as roon endpoint. Would anybody be so kind to post a screenshot of the setup in roon? Maybe I can help him identify the issue… Thanks!!

Here you go then. I use the uncertified version rather than the airplay one.

Its only stereo sadly. not multichannel due to the inability of Bluos to cope with it.


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Thanks very much!!! Will report back what we had different in case others have issues as well.

Hi Paul, I can’t enable the Uncertified NAT T778 is that changed in newer Roon versions?

I just received my T778 and have the same issue with Roon not letting me enable it because it’s uncertified. Has anyone figured this out? Seems like Roon should work with a $3,000 AVR. Works fine with my Bluesound Node 2i. Both are BlueOS.

Found a post on Bluesound, apparently this is waiting on Roon to certify. Anyone from Roon watching this post?