NAD T 778 Being tested for Roon Cert?

Has this shown up on the Roon benches, or at least in the pipeline?


Giving this thread a nudge. I’m increasingly interested in this product.

Interested in this product too but their website and product manual does not indicate Roon Ready.

I contacted NAD support and was told that the T 778 has not been released yet. That if not Roon ready at release, it CAN be with a firmware update.

I have the t 778 and roon with raat is working perfectly


Any news on when the T778 will be certified? The C658 and M10 were today. I guess I assumed the T778 would be as well

@Brian6751 - Generally, we can’t comment on certification progress. Certification is a collaboration between two companies and requires testing + technical feedback from both our end and the other company.

If you reach out directly to the manufacturer, they might be able to provide some more details of how certification is going on their end, but on our end the answer here will always be the same - the device will only be certified once it’s ready and passes all the necessary checks.

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Still not certified. Just submitted a request to NAD for a certification timeframe.

Here’s what NAD told me when I submitted a support request before purchasing my T778. A few days ago an NAD employee told me on a Facebook group that the T778 is “in the queue for certification at Roon. This is not an NAD fix :-)”. Let us know what they tell you

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Got the exact, copy and paste, response yesterday!

At least it sounds like it will happen.