NAD T 778 random interference / noise

Mac mini late 2012 / SSD / 4GB ram / 2.5 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5. Roon Server 1.7 build 521

Ethernet: HP 1810-8G switch. Cat 6 wires.

NAD T778, HDMI ARC To LG OLED B9 (tv is not on when issue happens) Ethernet. NAD C658 (ethernet)

Hello Roon,

I know that the 778 has just come out - and here in Australia maybe I’m one of the first… I just set it up yesterday. I know you have probably not tested one as yet…
Roon recognises the player. When first playing a song - sometimes it says ‘Roon lost the player connection’ (or similar). Just press play and it is fine… however:
The issue is a distortion noise - best I can describe it is
:: - before one spits - you can clear the back of the throat - that gravel / yuck about to spit sound. huckkkkk, it happens randomly but is consistent and distorts the music.
It doesn’t happen when the 778 is fed Tidal by the BluOS app - that is completely clean.
It’s the RAAT (I think). 778 is ethernet on cat 6 to switch.

I have a NAD 658 (ethernet) and blue sound Flex Minis / Node 2. Have never had any sort of RAAT issues. It has been bullet proof.


Hi @Katherine_Dennis,

Welcome to the forum!

I would like to focus on this issue first. Can I please request that you do the following?

  1. Reproduce this issue once more and note the exact local time + date + track you notice this behavior on.

  2. Access your Roon logs by using these instructions.

  3. Access your NAD logs: You can get these logs by navigating to NAD’s IP Address in a web browser -> Diagnostics -> More -> Copy + paste the text into a text editor.

  4. Upload these two log files to a shared folder (I will private message you a link)

  5. Let me know the timestamp + affected track here


Hi @Katherine_Dennis,

Thank you for sending the logs over.

I have discussed your case with the technical team and they have informed me that since your NAD T 778 is not yet Roon Tested/Roon Ready, we cannot make any guarantees regarding this devices ability to work with Roon.

Nonetheless, the logs will be helpful for troubleshooting this device in the future, so thank you for sending them over. Once this device has completed the certification program, we would be in a much better position to support it, but I cannot comment on a timeline of when this will occur.

Has this issue been resolved? I am thinking about the NAD T 778 but not if I cannot reliably use it with Roon.


Latest BluOS update has stopped any issues with Roon on T778. Has been running without glitches for some weeks. I’m a huge fan of the T778 in stereo but especially 7.2.4. I have not had any issues at all.
hope that helps -


Excellent! Glad to hear that!


Just stumbled on this thread. I too am interested in buying this, its abilty to be a Roon endpoint being one of the many pluses that has got me interested. Glad the BlueOS update sorted the noise issue out. I have numerous multichannel music albums, so my question is can it play back multichannel via BlueOS or is it limited to just stereo.

Many Thanks


A quick question… Can Roon stream multichannel music to the NAD T778 (or any of the NAD multichannel receivers for that matter)?

Hello @mdconnelly,

As far as I am aware, BluOS only supports networked playback of 2ch audio, regardless of source.


Thanks @john for confirming that.

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