NAD T758 V3 listed as "uncertified"

I have a NAD T758 V3. When I look at the settings in Roon, it says that this receiver is uncertified. I thought that bluesound devices like this NAD receiver were Roon certified? Can you please let me know what is happening?

I believe the receiver is “ROON ready,” but not certified for MQA. Note the ROON table entry for NAD has a footnote 2 next to “Not Certified.” The footnote only mentions MQA. As you will see if you look at my “Can’t find device” conversation with Eric, ROON can’t discover my NAD receiver from either the phone app or core on a PC. the question of certification has never come up in the conversation, which has now officially gone on approximately forever. Kudos to the time ROON has spent working with me this year. It’s ten times the effort I might have expected. But the result has left me frustrated. I’m thinking about ways to connect via Ethernet.

I just sent a message to NAD support asking if they have any thoughts, but will be amazed if they suggest anything I haven’t already tried. It seems to me, since I have 10 networked devices, none of which have a problem with finding each other and streaming smoothly, it has to be something in the RAAT network software, whether a bug, or something strange about my particular Wifi configuration.

Hello @steveoat87,

I just submitted a change to our device identification engine that should fix this issue. Can you reboot your Roon Core and let me know if the device reports as certified?


I just rebooted and the device is certified. Thanks.

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