NAD T778 Roon Ready?

Roon Core Machine

System: PC is an HP Elitedesk 800 G3 I5 with Intel 4600 graphics device and 16GB memory running Windows. PC is the core and the server. Using Netgear Orbi wired wired network. Worked with the old Onkyo receiver with some extra effort, since the receiver was not Roon ready. The NAD passes the main LR to an Emotiva amp that powers the Magnepan 1.7’s. The receiver powers the center channel which is a Magnepan 1.6QR than I retrofitted as a much smaller frame.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Orbi wired connection

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Over 168,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Issue: I just bought a new Roon ready NAD T778 receiver. I have 2 issues I hope you folks can help with.

  1. My PC will not see the receiver as a multichannel device. I have read that the NAD is picky about HDMI signals so I bought an Ivanky display port to HDMI cable, but that didn’t help. Playing 5.1 FLAC files. Channel Layout does not display on the Roon T778 device setup. I’m not running any other 2 channel devices and no Zone 2 yet - set to local. PC initially sets up as Stereo but I force it to 5.1 and when I Test the PC speaker configuration the surround speaker comes out of the corresponding main speaker and center comes out LR. I’m pretty flustered at this point. I suppose there’s a good clue in there somewhere. My TiVo works just fine on 5.1 as another source.

  2. When using Roon to play music, the BluSound OSD usurps the TV monitor and puts its own boring display up and won’t give it back to Roon and I can’t find any settings to change that. I have to select the PC as a source again to get Roon interface back, which quits playback. Roon is functioning in the background but it can’t be accessed except through Splashtop remote once the OSD takes over.

Update: After much screwing around I read something about BluOS only being 2 channel. I ended up turning off BluOS on Source 6 and sound stopped coming out altogether. I’d like to say that I got right to the heart of the problem, but I did eventually make the connection that Roon wasn’t playing over HDMI at all. After much more screwing around I found the output device that would work and got it configured correctly, and both problems went away. Merry Christmas to me. Cheers.

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