NADAC drivers for ROCK?

Very excited about this turnkey approach.
Will drivers be included to support Merging’s Nadac D/A? I think there are many of us who use that great unit.


We’ll have a talk with them about this… We’d require that we can build the driver from scratch, as we want the freedom to upgrade the kernel as needed.

Danny, congratulations with the ROCK release! Very excited about how Roon (the company) is building the ecosystem … I am also a NADAC owner and look to use NUC/ROCK (I continue to have dropout issues running from my main Mac). Any further indication if NADAC support will be forthcoming. Merging mentioned ROCK in their May 2017 Munich press release on RAVENNA / LINUX Virtual Audio Device, but nothing concrete on support (or not). :frowning:

We are looking into how to do this… the problem is that if we just include it, the Ravenna will appear as an audio output for every user, regardless of whether they care about Ravenna or not.

We need to figure out how to present this as an option so it does not confuse non-NADAC owners.

I was also under the impression from Dominique from Merging that Rock would include drivers for the NADAC. So I’m eagerly awaiting NADAC support and hope that it will soon become available.
Installing was easy by the way and its very fast on my NUC!

Any news on this topic? Or will I be forced to keep using ASIO drivers under Windows.

Any update?

no update, we do not have a solution for this yet

Hi Danny, do you have an idea on when this will work. I also have a NADAC connected to my network now but Rock is not recognized :frowning:

We do not have a solution for this yet, and I have no ETA to provide. Is it possible for you to run a desktop or server Linux distribution until a solution is proposed? Then you can do whatever you want on that system.

We are working with Merging Technologies on this.

I have a merging hapi, it would be nice to be able to use this also, not just the nadac.

I understand from my Merging dealer there is a way to get the software installed on Rock on a NUC. I just have to send it to Swiss and they have to do it for me. Is this a limitation from Roon or Merging?

Hi Danny, I understand from my Merging dealer now that the limitation comes from Roon and Merging will stick to the agreement they made with Roon. The only way is to send a NUC to Swiss (crazy!!) and let Merging install the driver. This takes a few minutes for them and probably a week for Roon customers (and the costs to send the NUC there). Why? Why can’t they just email the driver. Can you explain why Roon doesn’t allow this. I am really disappointed as it is a lot of trouble for something extremely simpel.

We upgrade the Linux kernel from time to time, for reasons ranging from new features to security fixes.

Merging’s driver is bound to be specific to a kernel version, and therefore will break every time we do this.

We can not tie the release schedules of ROCK and Nucleus firmware to an external company’s schedule for obvious reasons. If we sanctioned this, we would not want to break users several times a year, thus creating a conflict. The result of this conflict is to not allow something we can not support.

This is both dangerous and highly discouraged. I guarantee it will break in the future for the above stated reasons.

I understand the desire to use ROCK, but ROCK is purposely uncustomizable. The right answer here is to run your own Linux operating system that you control fully.

Or perhaps you can try a Raspberry Pi in the chain with something like dietpi or ropieee if they can allow the merging driver to be installed

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That depends. Reading @danny s response this is (again) a manufacturer that doesn’t understand how the Linux ecosystem works. If they provide source I’ll include it.

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Any update @danny ?

HQPlayer OS (Linux) now features Merging’s Ravenna ALSA driver.

Have you guys been testing it, for Roon OS? @brian