Nadac+merging AES67 RAAT HQPlayer

Is this product using RAAT ? It’s not listed as Roon partner, but maybe it is ?
Their website say they implemented AES67, which Roon does not support.
I’m confused. How is Roon implemented into this product ?

Can Nadac be used with HQPlayer ?

If this product support AES67, should it not have the option to output to other Ravenna or Dante enabled products ?
As using active speakers supporting AES67 ?

It is also multichannel. Can it be used with Dirac ?

Can someone explain as much as possible what this product is and isn’t, and limitations or benefits and how it actually supports Roon. (RAAT or not).

After reading the manual

I understand this is just a Linux PC + a DAC. Nothing special at all. You even have to purchase your own Roon licence.
Overpriced computer :grinning:
(With no internal storrage).

NADAC has ASIO and CoreAudio drivers and should work just fine with HQPlayer.

Thanks Miska. Yes after reading the manual I figurer that out. What I don’t understand 100% is what Ravenna and AES67 does or can do here ?
Do you understand the purpose or need of it ?

Well, it sends the data over Ethernet. So it is comparable to something like USB Audio Class, but different medium.

For home audio the advantages are different than in pro-audio use for which it has been designed for. So in a way it has some similarity with things like NAA, but also some disadvantages. But the goals of these two are different, although both use IP protocols as medium.

AES67 is there for use by other hardware like a CD player.

But, as far as Roon is concerned this is an RoonServer/DAC solution, positioned for someone that just wants to buy a RoonServer. Plug it into your amp, plug it into your network, license Roon, setup Roon and done.

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