Nadac with Roon Nucleus

HI, I am a user of Roon Nucleus & Merging NADAC. I wish to play songs from NADAC & Nucleus only, without using computer. As I know, I can install Ravenna driver/modified ROCK in Roon Nucleus. How can I get this?

Please read this older thread:

And the relevant part of the Partner Devices Matrix:

Merging Technologies NADAC

Roon supports Merging’s NADAC, and we keep one in house for testing + support. The NADAC is a networked DAC that communicates with Roon using a CoreAudio or ASIO driver.

It seems to me, that there is no supported way to do so.

Additional resources:

As I’m just a fellow Roon user trying to help other users, I move your question to the support section of the forum so official support takes notice of it as they might have more accurate information.

Ravenna driver can be installed in Nucleus. But it needs Roon’s permission.

The Nucleus and ROCK OS’s are not update-able by end users. That means you cannot load drivers on them. Please review this post:

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