Nagra HD DAC Not Recognized by Roon (ref#WRDCGE)

Affected Product


Roon Issue Category

Hardware Compatibility

Description of Issue

My Nagra HD DAC (now sold under Tube DAC), is ‘suddenly’ not longer recognized by Roon. Under ‘settings/audio’ Roon app states ‘Device not found’, although it appears in the list. The DAC is connected through USB-DAC cable coming from an Innuos Statement, which I happen to update just recently to 2.5.1. Everything from the USB-cable downstream seems to work using other streamer than the Innuos/Roon combination via USB-DAC. I have restarted both devices a of times. I have studied the FAQs and forums for 2 hours, but that did not help me. Could you please help me out? Thanks greatly?

Roon Server Platform

Linux (NAS/SonicTransporter/Antipodes/Ubuntu/etc.)

Linux Server Type

Roon Server Specifications

Standalone Innuos Statement (2020, serial no 1353), SW 2.5.1, 4Tb drive

Connected Audio Devices

Nagra HD-DAC (2015, p/n: 2055110151) connected to streamer with Siltech Princess Crown USB cable

Home Network Details

Via ethernet, but as Roon itself is working, and has access to the files on the statement server, this seems unlikely the issue


I have further explored, and redid the Innuos Statement settings regarding endpoint etc. Now the DAC re-appeared, and it all works again… Still a mystery to me why, but for now, this ticket can be closed. Thanks anyway!


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