Naim Atom dangerous volume issue

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Hi @support I have an issue with Roon and my Naim Atom in where the volume if your adjust the volume just a little it starts to increase to 100% the only thing I can do at this stage to stop it is to mute and power cycle the Atom. This is now happend a number of times often late at night but it just happened again now. Can you please investigate my logs to see if this is an interaction with Roon. I am very worried this is going to damage my speakers of it hasnt already.

I’m not sure if it will work or be overwritten but maybe try applying the inbuilt volume limit in the Naim app, might stop it going crazy.

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I have now. But this should not be happening. God knows what my neighbours think. At least this time it wasn’t midnight. Its happend using phone , tablet and pc remotes so it’s not one app in particular.

There are inbuilt limits in the Atom set by the Naim app not the roon ones. Obviously they might be overwritten too!!

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Agree but maybe it might save tweeters and sarcastic neighbours.

Don’t think Roon can control that. It will show as 100% but it will be 60% of the actual total volume of the Atom. Might go lower as that is too loud in my house.

This is a dangerous situation with headphones. You can permanently damage your ears with a single exposure to very loud sounds. I have had permanent tinnitus for 30+ years and it is miserable. People can become suicidal with tinnitus.

Hello @Simon_Arnold3,

I’m enabling diagnostic mode on your account to allow your Core to upload logs to our support servers.

We go to great lengths to avoid volume control issues like the one you’re describing, we’re keenly aware of the effects they can cause downstream.

We’ll reach out if we need any more information.


Hello @Simon_Arnold3,

The support server has not yet received the diagnostic logs. Not a sign of anything wrong, but in the interest of expediency I’d like to have a manual set of logs as well.

Would it be possible for you to use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link?


@john you can get them from this link.!AgHQUEVFVR_n1YMWx62j8xCETZ7P_Q?e=BSrQWG

@support can you confirm you downloaded my logs? Want to get to the bottom of this asap.

Hello @Simon_Arnold3, thanks for uploading those files. We have received them and will deliver the files to the rest of the team. Thanks!

I have tinnitus for a few years now. It’s not fun but learn to live with it.

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Hello @Simon_Arnold3, I’ve delivered your log files to the team and we are currently investigating. Thanks again for your patience and I’ll return with their feedback!

Hi support anything to report?

Hello @Simon_Arnold3, our team is trying to reproduce the issue with our in-house hardware currently so I don’t have any news quite yet, my apologies for the delay. If you could provide specific reproduction steps for this issue I’d be happy to pass them along to get things going!

No idea what causes it sorry. I might have had the Naim app open as well as was using it to adjust balance but all I did was just change volume up on Roon on same decide and it just kept on going and would not stop. It did it after the last firmware update from Naim to so would have had the Naim app active then to. Other than that can’t think of any thing else .

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