Naim Atom does not show up as Roon-ready device

Core Machine


Network Details

TIM, Ethernet cable

Audio Devices

Naim Atom

Library Size

300 Album

Description of Issue

Naim Atom does not show up as a Roon-ready device, but only as Airplay and Chromecast

Hello @Raoul_Picciotti,

What firmware version is the Naim Uniti Atom running?

Does the issue persist if you reboot your Nucleus, Router, and Uniti Atom?



Hello John,

The Nain Uniti Atom was up to date with the last FW version.
We tried to switch off and on everything but the issue persisted.

Many thanx,

Have you unplugged it? Or used the Naim app to reset it as a new device? I have the HE version had one issue in beginning where it lost roon connection and setting it back up as new fixed it and no problems since.

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