Naim MQ folder files not seen by ROON server

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon 1.6 build 416

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

QNAP E880 NAS with SSD cahce drives hosting ROON Server for QNAP, Bricasti M5 SPDIF to Chord Hugo TT, Chord TToby, Proac Tablette 10 Signature

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Description Of Issue

I am using a Unitiserve SSD to rip CD’s and point the ROON Database to the MQ folder created by the Unitiserve on my QNAP NAS. The Roon server sees all of the Unitiserve .wav files and has incorporated them into the Roon database. Everything was great until i ripped a dual CD from DGG and it does not show the album art, does not set up disc1 and disc 2, confuses disc 1 and 2, and when I tried to manipulate the tracks I now have duplicate tracls that I cannot remove. Of note, if I rip the discs with my pc to the same MQ folder in the NAIMUnitiserve master folder, using DBPowerAmp, Roon sets up the two discs, the album art, and the tracks perfectly. I cannot figure out what hidden metadata or tags is written by the Unitiserve that confuses the Roon Server. I went through the Roon guide to remove all duplicate files, cleaned the Recycle bin, etc with no luck. Would like to continue using the Unitiserve to rip my CD discs, I think I perceive a cleaner sound with playback, and the Naim data structure works with UPnP and do not want to re rip hundreds of CD discs via the PC only to find out that the files are not of the same audio quality.

Hi @Robert_Alterbaum,

Would you mind sharing the problematic files with me via private message? These would best be uploaded to a shared Google Drive / Dropbox / link.



I sent you the files and data files from one of the discs for your review. I am stumped as to how to deal with this particular problem and hope you can assist me in resolving it.
I do have another question however and this is somewhat related to the first issue. I am interested in ripping my CD library to allow me to enjoy the streaming experience. I originally purchased the Naim Unitiserve SSD not for the convenience of ripping and cataloguing but for having the highest quality bit perfect digital file for playback. My main listening station for as pure a listening experience is a Bricasti M5 feeding a Chord Hugo TT and hopefully a Chord DAVE in the future. I am not married to the Unitiserve and have had problems with the database in the past but all in all it worked reasonably well. The Roon experience is far superior and the sound of my streamed files is great but I would like to go back to my PC using dbPoweramp or similar and storing a ROON music folder. Do you think the quality of the WAV rip with the PC as good as what the Unitiserve is providing? I still think I perceive a cleaner sound with the Unitiserve rips but I am not sure yet as using dBpoweramp is a new experience. I think the Unitiserve rips have more clarity but this may be related to something with dynamic range on ROON playback.
Thank you in advance for your attention and help

Hi @Robert_Alterbaum,

Can you let me know where you sent these files? If you wish to private message them to me, you can do so by clicking my name here on the forum and then pressing the “Message” button.

When using DBPowerAmp, it should create a bit-perfect copy of the CD that’s verified using the AccurateRip database. I cannot speak to the quality of the files produced by the Unitiserv as I have not used one.

This issue is likely caused the inability of .WAV files to contain metadata. Roon will attempt to use the folder structure to the CD layout if there is no disk metadata available. I would recommend arranging the folders as per our Knowledge Base Box Set Guide to see if Roon is able to import the sets correctly.


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