Naim Mu-So 2nd gen

I’m thinking about this as a Roon endpoint in my bedroom, partly as a wake-up alarm. Does anyone have experience with the Mu-So 2nd gen’s alarm clock? If yes, what does the alarm clock make possible? Could it be configured to start playing from my Roon server?

Just gave this a go on our demonstration Mu-So 2nd generation.

It works with Internet Radio stations only, by default there are five radio station presets to choose from but you can remove one to add a preferred station of your choice by adding a station to your favourites and it will prompt you to add it to your ‘presets’.

It gives you the choice of having it weekdays, weekends, or individual days and you can set a volume level for the alarms. It appears that you can have many alarms for different days, I tested with eight different alarms and seems to work fine.

Hope this helps!

Only 1 preset can be changed to what one wants? That’s disappointing.

I read somewhere that the alarm clock’s effect is confined to “local” sources. Is that correct? If yes, how does that work? Eg, would an inserted USB drive with music be local and therefore an eligible choice?

What happens if an internet radio station is unavailable at alarm time? Does the Muso substitute another or play an alarm tone? My experience of internet radio URLs is that they are not the most reliable of things and can disappear completely or become temporarily unavailable.

You can change all five presets if you so choose.

There is no choice for a tone to be played in place of an internet radio station, though if this is something you are interested in it may be worth posting on the Naim forums as I see it as a fundamental limitation of the alarm clock component.

[Less relevant] I find Alexa with Spotify particularly useful in this situation if you don’t mind having a voice assistant in the bedroom, but it is nowhere near the level of quality of the Muso or QB. I haven’t discovered a way of running Naim products into my Alexa integration though.

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I got a Naim Mu-So 2nd gen yesterday. After experimenting, I found I could use the Roon Alarm Clock extension to wake up the Mu-So (which had been in standby) at a chosen time and to play an internet radio station. I didn’t have to use Mu-So’s own alarm feature. The only glitch was that the volume was very high. I suspect that that was something to do with Roon, inasmuch as I’ve had problems before with Roon playing at very high volume.

I discovered that volume in the alarm was set to 100 (not a good default). After I halved that, things were nice.