Naim NDX connection problem

Hello, i have a Naim NDX connected to my router with LAN. PC running Roon is also connected with the router. Naim will not be found in Roon Audio Settings and also will not be recoznized by Roon as Network Device. How is possible to get Naim connected with Roon? Thanks.

You will not be able to see the NAIM over ethernet until Naim adds Roon as a firmware option, for which you should be asking Naim when they will support Roon. Until then, you can add a Roon Endpoint and connect it to one of the Naim’s digital in ports, for example, a HiFi Berry with a digi out.

I see, thank you. Roon does not support LINN, nor Naim. That is all what I have at home :slight_smile: seems that my trial phase is finishing without having really started…:slight_smile:

It’s rather that Linn and Naim do not support Roon, so it is with those manufacturers that the problem lies. I will not go back to Naim until Roon is supported. I will use my Meridian end points, MS200 and MS600 instead.

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Rather it is Roon that does not support upnp.

This or those, i can’t use Roon as a network streaming client which would manage several devices in several rooms. I have devialet 120 and can use it with Roon as endpoint connected on USB, but SQ of Naim NDX or even Linn Majik DSM is for me personally better than USB-devialet. Even JRiver makes it possible, although has many issues :slight_smile: Probably i would be back for Roon as soon as upnp is working, and properly (some years? :slight_smile: ). The interface for usd 400 is nice but it is not all.

Sorry for finishing my trial period on this disappointig note. Wish all the best and increasing performance.

Roon obviously won’t be for everyone.

As a long time Naim user I have exceeded the sound quality of my Naim CD555 with an Intel NUC running Roon via USB into the Chord Hugo TT. This combination is comparable price wise to the NDX with sound quality equal to or exceeding NDS depending where one rates CD555 vs NDS.

I think dnla/ upnp looks and feels like dos compared to Win 10, when compared to Roon but I know of many who are happy with this. But dismissing Roon on SQ terms in as error in my experience.

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[quote=“Richard_Crozier_Jobb, post:5, topic:12504, full:true”]
Rather it is Roon that does not support upnp.
[/quote]for good reason.