NAIM Qube output volume

Hi there - I am using Roon on an Apple iMac using OS Mojave 10.14.6. As part of my system I have a NAIM Qube 1st generation connected wirelessly. The problem I have is whenever I stream music from Roon to my Qube it always starts at maximum volume which shakes the house. I’ve tried setting maximum volume in the output device setting to 25 but Roon seems to override that and always sets the starting volume at 99 - very very loud!. Any ideas how I can fix this please?

This is a known problem with Naims first gen kit via airplay and Roon. It’s in Naims court currently to fix it I think as it’s gone back and forth a lot. If you search the forum their is a rather long thread about it.

Here is the thread. I think you need to contact Naim judging from the response from Naims spokesperson.

Thanks - very helpful - as the thread is from 2018 I guess we can’t expect a fix soon. Would you happen to know if I connect the NAIM device by ethernet cable this would remove the need for Airplay and therefore prevent my windows breaking every time I connect to it from Roon? Thanks

There is no native support for Roon on the 1st gen. Muso’s, so you can only use it via AirPlay. Wired Ethernet will not change this, I’m afraid.

There is a post from Naim towards the bottom of the thread, suggesting that there is indeed a solution…

I can confirm that this solution works, I have it on 3 Muso QB’s