Naim Super Uniti - Output Compatibility Issue

@support I have a Naim-SuperUniti-9820 streaming integrated amp. I cannot find this device in the list of output options. Is this device not supported or supported? How do I connect Roon to this device if at all possbile?

Only the latest uniti products Atom etc are roon ready. I suggest you search the forum as there are many Naim threads.

as an example

Hi @Gary_Land ---- Thank you for the post and the question! I have went ahead and moved this thread over to the NAIM section of the community site so other NAIM + ROON users can chime in and share tips/their own experience with NAIM’s product line.

Being that the Super Unitit is not Roon Ready it will require another device that is and can to do ethernet to either coax (or BNC SPDIF) in order to communicate with the application on your network. There are other options out there but a good example of a product that can do this is Allo DigiOne player.