Naim Uniti Atom playback issue

I have a similar problem, though not as frequently. I have a Roon nucleus on a wired network connecting to a NAIN Uniti Atom and a mu-so 2. Everything freezes until I reset the server software or occasionally if I wait for 5-10 minutes it will unfreeze spontaneously. It’s becoming very frustrating.
It only started on the last few weeks.

Hi @Andrew_Sykes,

When you say “everything freezes”, what exactly do you mean?
The playback just stops or are parts of the Roon UI not responding?

What Roon Remotes are you using to control the Nucleus?
Does the problematic behavior occur on multiple remotes?

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Playback just stops and won’t restart until I reset the server sofware.

Hi @Andrew_Sykes,

Does the issue occur for both the MuSo and the Unti Atom or just one and not the other?

Both of them

Hi @Andrew_Sykes,

Can you please note the exact local time + date + track this issue next occurs on and let me know this info here?

Saturday,1744, Scarecrow by Albion

Hi @Andrew_Sykes,

Thanks for letting me know that timestamp!

I have gone ahead and enabled diagnostics mode for your account and what this action will do is next time your Core is active, a set of logs will automatically be generated and uploaded to our servers for analysis.

Once these logs are received, I will request the technical team to review them for any further clues regarding this behavior. I appreciate your patience while the logs are being reviewed!

Hello @Andrew_Sykes,

Could you try to following steps to see if they improve the behavior you are seeing?

A) Power cycle your router.
B) Disable Roon backup to dropbox.
C) When you are unable to restart playback to one zone, try starting playback to a different zone instead.