Naim Uniti Atom Roon control lost device switched input

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Roon post control of my device. Was playing fine then all.of sudden it says device has refused to switch input to Roon and lost playback. I reported this in another thread which has now been closed. First time it’s happend since then. No other endpoint I have and I have quite a few has this issue. It seems to be unique to the Atom.

Logs show this
06/19 19:01:28 Trace: [Naim Audio Uniti Atom @] [raatclient] GOT [17] {“reason”:{“reason”:“source_deselected”},“status”:“Lost”}
06/19 19:01:28 Trace: [Lounge] [zoneplayer/raat] Got ‘lost’ response
06/19 19:01:28 Trace: [Lounge] [zoneplayer/raat] Endpoint Naim Audio Uniti Atom State Changed: Playing => Idle
06/19 19:01:28 Trace: [Lounge] [zoneplayer/raat] lost endpoint. stopping stream
06/19 19:01:28 Debug: [raat/tcpaudiosource] disconnecting
06/19 19:01:28 Warn: Track Stopped Due to LostEndpoint
06/19 19:01:28 Info: [zone Lounge] OnPlayFeedback StoppedLostEndpoint
06/19 19:01:28 Trace: [zone Lounge] Suspend
06/19 19:01:28 Info: [zone Lounge] OnPlayFeedback Stopped
06/19 19:01:28 Info: [library] recorded play for profile 7fe3c25a-5754-428c-9ce8-1de03e5b7a1d: mediaid=50:1:68597e7b-0f94-4cf7-849d-aeac45477252 metadataid=123:0:MT0055263683 contentid= libraryid=50:1:68597e7b-0f94-4cf7-849d-aeac45477252 isfromswim=False
06/19 19:01:28 Trace: [Lounge] [Enhanced 21.3x, 24/88 FLAC => 32/88] [100% buf] [PAUSED @ 0:56/4:57] Raven - GoGo Penguin
06/19 19:01:28 Info: [audio/env] [zoneplayer -> stream] All streams were disposed
06/19 19:01:28 Info: [audio/env] [zoneplayer -> stream -> endpoint] All streams were disposed
06/19 19:01:28 Trace: [roonapi] [apiclient] CONTINUE Changed {“zones_changed”:[{“zone_id”:“160112faa87366892d4ba5f9f8f8ca3d1ba6”,“display_name”:“Lounge”,“outputs”:[{“output_id”:“170112faa87366892d4ba5f9f8f8ca3d1ba6”,“zone_id”:“160112faa87366892d4ba5f9f8f8ca3d1ba6”,"can_group_with_output_ids

Also it never lost network and was always visible in Roon. So it looks it could be a bug in the Atom switching sources. Be good if @support could reach out to Naim on this. It some times says it refused to switch when song played and unit in standby. I have emailed Naim support also.

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

I spoke with the team about this. We have this device in-house and we’ve found that occasionally we will see similar behavior occur when the Atom connects to other devices automatically. This may happen if a PC it’s connected to via bluetooth is turned on, for example. Are there any devices that the Atom are connected to? If you disconnect them or turn them off is there any change?

Nope I only use Roon Bluetooth is turned off on the unit. The only inputs running are Airplay, Spotify and Chromecast and they are very rarely used and not active in Roon. I use a few different remotes but again I only ever send Roon to it or its manually swithed to Vinyl or TV input. Could Naims app be the culprit if that’s running at the same time I wonder?

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

If you play to this device from a source besides Roon do you see this same behavior?

Nope but I seldom do this at all anyway. I just stream to it via Roon or use its analogue input for TV and Vinyl.

Thanks, @CrystalGipsy.

Moving forward I’d like to enable diagnostics on your account so the team can take a look. First, I was hoping that you could reproduce this issue and respond back here with the time that the issue occurs. Once I have that time diagnostics will be enabled and passed along to the team for analysis.

I’ll do my best to repeat it, but it’s not happening all the time so it be a while.

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