Naim Uniti Nova

I’m considering buying a Naim Uniti Nova when they become available early in 2017. (I have been using a Devialet 200, which has been fine since the Air update, but their upgrade path is too expensive.)

The Nova offers UPnP, Airplay and Bluetooth, among other features - description here:

So based on this information, should it be compatible with Roon? I am running Roon through a Mac Powerbook, using a Thunderbolt to my SSD storage. I have a Mac Airport Express running into the Devialet via ethernet for a stronger and more stable wifi feed. (The Nova appears to have an ethernet network input.)

Thanks in advance for your advice.


Hi Ian,

Well, the best way to sum it up is a combination of no and maybe.

The Naim has an Ethernet input, but no equivalent to Devialet’s Air (which creates a virtual audio output device on the computer that sends the data to the Devialet over the network). On top of that the Naim only has digital inputs via coax and TOSLINK so you’d need a RoonReady device next to the Naim that can support one of those two inputs. Sadly, Naim still isn’t providing a USB input which makes this all the more difficult.

There is talk of Naim adding native RoonReady support via Ethernet, but at this point it’s only a rumor.

On top of all of that I would encourage you to give the Naim a good listen if you haven’t auditioned their gear in the past. It’s wonderful, but having carried both (former Devialet, current Naim) their sonic presentations are very, very different.

Phil Harris from Naim said in the Naim forum “Roon is planned to be activated in the near future”. What exactly that means I don’t know but it is a positive statement at least.

And this thread [Good news Naim and Roon]
(Good news Naim and Roon).

Thanks so much, Andrew and Ged. I should have added that this is for my second system, so Roon via remote is essential. It’s a bit of a conundrum not knowing about Naim’s compatibility, since if I stay with Devialet and do the overpriced upgrade, I have to do it before the end of this year.

I’m interested in the Naim because my Devialet dealer will give me a good trade-in. But are there other Roon-friendly receivers I should be considering?

I would be cautious about going with Naim on the basis of Roon is coming without more than this. Search for Aurrender on this forum and you will find similar statements about Roon coming on their hardware but it did not happen.

However you can get Pis with optical output boards or the sonic orbiter which has optical outputs so if you really do want the Naim these should be possible back-up plans if the Naim support for Roon falls through. There is extra cost though and some do not think this sounds as good as Ethernet but there are many opinions on these things…

Not wishing to derail the thread but how would you describe these presentational differences?


Naim are very guarded about roadmaps, so if Phil Harris has been authorised to say that Roon is coming, then I would take it as definite. What it means and a timescale is another matter.

I’m currently reviewing a near-final Naim Atom and can confirm it can be controlled from Roon, although it states ‘Uncertified’ on the audio settings of Roon Core. Nonetheless, seems to be working perfectly fine.


I have a SuperUniti and I run Roon Core from a MacMini that feeds the SuperUniti via an Audiophilleo USB/SPDIF converter. This set up is excellent and I do really enjoy the Naim sound plus the convenience and reliability of the SuperUniti has been great.

I have pre-ordered the Naim Nova. Maybe someday I can move the RoonCore to the Naim storage solution if that works well, we’ll have to see, and I will post my progress once the Nova arrives. This would eliminate an LPSU set up for the MacMini which is yet another ‘box’. Someday maybe I’ll have a simple Naim Nova and pair of speakers and be in sonic bliss.

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Any update Jamie?


Hi Jaime, what does your set up look like then? Where does Roon sit and where is your music stored?

.sjb, I was only evaluating the Atom for a week or three (I review audio equipment), so there’s not much to add to this as there weren’t any further firmware updates while the Uniti was in my possession. However, I understand final products are entering the channel at the moment, so I would expect consumers to be getting access to devices soon. That said, I don’t think Naim has officially announced Roon compatibility yet. So my expectations are that Atom’s being delivered now will still appear as ‘Uncertified’ in Roon.

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Martin, I’m a full time reviewer (also other product categories) based in the Benelux, mainly focussed on mid-end hifi. As such my actual own set-up is rarely in use and a bit undefined (ie it mainly is gathering dust as I’m listening to loaner products). This is especially true when it comes to amplification & speakers as I’ve been eval’ing a lot of those lately. But Roon is generally the source, both for testing and for casual listening. (I actually own quite a lot of gear, but it’s all mid-fi as said: NAD C390DD, Marantz PM11S2, stuff like that. I’m trying to avoid the pitfall many reviewers fall into, namely using gear that is really a lot more expensive than most interested consumers can afford.)

I run Roon on an Apple iMac 27" (2013 model), which has been adapted to run from a 1 TB SSD. Some products I test are Roon Ready, or otherwise I’ll often use a Raspberry Pi of a Mac mini running Roon Bridge connected up to whatever I’m listening to. There’s also a Synology in the network, but as backup for Roon and my music collection.

The Naim Atom was also in for a review, with the understanding that the hardware & sound were quite final, but the software was only 90 percent there. Looking at my notes, I mainly combined the Atom with Dali Rubicon 6 speakers. This is an ok combination, but maybe not the greatest. Cabling is not something I especially care about, in this case though I used some pretty expensive Chord Company speaker cable because the local Naim representative also distributes that brand.

Don’t know if this answers your question?

390D and PM11 mid-fi? What a world we live in :smiley:

Anyway, a Naim like this should be compatible with Airplay and as such work with Roon. Not the highest quality maybe but it is lossless CD quality which is good enough for most music out there.

yes, thanks! I’ll look out for the atom review thank you : - )

Naim are still firmly ‘no further comment’ on Roon compatibility.

Hi Jamie,

I have the Atom and it doesn’t show up as a Roon RAAT even uncertified player. Works with Airplay. Any ideas on making this work?

As far as I know airplay is as good as it gets. No Naim gear does anything but use airplay with roon. There was mention many months ago of this latest generation being roon ready but silence since then…

Naim admitted the new range was on the roadmap for Roon compatibility. However, they’ve been concentrating on ironing out a few other wrinkles to get it launched. I guess Roon is down the road somewhere.