Naim Uniti (old) streaming

I have a Naim Uniti Atom which is working well with Roon. However I also have an older Naim Uniti which is not Roon enabled. How can I connect this as a device/Zone with the ability to play 24-bit streamed files. It is presently streaming through an Arcam rPlay which works but the Qobuz support is not great. I can Airplay through the Arcam rPlay but the quality is poor. Thanks

If it has a Coax SPDIF in, then you could use an Allo DigiOne to stream to it.

You could use the Sonore Roon UpNP bridge. This is very popular with Naim users on older hardware. It allows any UPnP capable device to work with Roon. There is also a software UPnP bridge that was created for Squeezebox users that also works and is similar to the Sonore one but free and needs some computer knowledge.