Naim uniti screen artwork blank

Hi knowledgeable forum members.

I have a ethernet(ed) mac mini with the core.
Use iPads and iPhones as controllers.
Steam to a Naim uniti star.

The prob is the screen on the uniti star only ever shows a musical note. If you’ve got one you’ll know what I mean, it must be the default screen for nothing better to do.

First world probs and all that but it would be nice to have the album artwork show up.

If anyone knows if this can be done it’ll save me embarrassing moments staring at it in my social isolatedness.



No screen on my ND5 XS2… but…

Is it only when streaming from Roon that artwork doesn’t appear?
Can you see artwork in the Naim app when streaming from Roon?
(That works for me with the XS2…)
Is the Star connected as a Roon Ready device?
(ie not as Chromecast, AirPlay, etc - I think this should display artwork too, but not sure)

Cheers Andy

Switching to the star roon ready devise (rather tha chromecast or AirPlay) solved the problem.

There a pint in for you :+1:

Glad it works…

Cheers! :beers: