Naim Unitiserve help

Hello, first post here. I am struggling. I’ve searched the Naim forum and am still clueless.

I have the Roon Core on my PC and have managed to hook up my PC library no bother.

I’m failing spectacularly with my Naim Unitiserve. I have no idea what I should type in as the network share location.

I’ve tried the http://192.168.1.XXXX address. I’ve tried NSRRVDDF6\Downloads which is what the naim network share gives me. I’ve also tried multiple combos of \ and //.

If anyone can help I’ve be very grateful. If the answer is somewhere and I’ve failed to find it, I’d welcome the signpost.


Don’t know if this applies

Thanks for the steer. I found that but still am no wiser.

When I add the IP address I get an error message “invalid network path specified”.


Are you on windows 10. If so then check you have smb1 shares active. In a recent update they decided to turn it off. The unitiserve will only share via smb1.

Thanks so much or your helpful reply.

Slowly I think I’m getting there. I put in the format \nssrvddf6\Downloads and this worked. Now it says the directory is empty and I need to add files. This is the place that the Naim Software gave me for storage on the web app.

I think I’ve not got something fundamental not quite right.


I think that’s where you dump them if your adding your own files not where you can get Roon to see them. You need to find the samba share path it might be nssrvddf6\Music according to the Manu. Sorry can’t help anymore than that as I dont have one.

I’ve moved this to support more people might see it there.

Thank you so much Simon.

You’ve helped me immensely.

I found it in Music rather than Downloads.

Working perfectly now and sounding wonderful.


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Glad to have helped enjoy the music.

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