Name for Compilation Sorting: Use Album Title versus Use "Various Artists" [Resolved]

Are my following assumptions for the Name for Compilation Sorting option in Settings > General correct?

Use “Various Artists”: Group all Various Artists Compilations in Album/Artist view under Artist Various Artists and then sort by date.

Use Album Title: Use Album Title as Artist for Various Artists Compilations in Album/Artist view.

At least I can’t spot any difference in the display of Albums in Album/Artist view under the current version 1.5 (build 339) of Roon. It’s always the same for me, regardless of the chosen option value (Use Album Title / Use “Various Artists”) and matches my Use “Various Artists” description.

@support: Am I wrong, or is the option actually broken?

Hey @BlackJack — Thanks for the report!

I’ve passed this along to the technical team for further investigation here. I’ll be sure to update you once I receive their feedback on this.


Roon 1.6 (Build 390): I still can’t spot any difference in album sorting between these two settings.

Hi, @BlackJack, sorry for the late reply. Apologies, that you had to wait for so long. We reproduced the issue and put a ticket for our developers. Though I cannot say when this one will be on their list, but I hope that it will not be too long.



Wow – this has been broken since late 2018?! Since I use the VA setting I didn’t notice; but I can easily confirm that changing the setting now does nothing.

What’s interesting is that this hasn’t been a ‘hot’ issue – I wonder if >90% of people use the ‘file under VA’ setting…

It’s actually 100% that use the “file under VA” setting as it’s now confirmed that the switch doesn’t work. :wink:

This is true. I only noticed it, because I always go to settings and try to figure out what all the options do when I’m using (for me) new software.
I don’t need an option that sorts the VA albums anywhere else than under VA and it seems that no one else does. But in my physical library they are stored alphabetically. So making an option to sort VA albums (under VA) in alphabetical or chronological order might be a better choice?

From Roon 1.7 (Build 521) is Live!:

Finally, this release fixes a bug preventing our compilation sorting options from working properly. For example, say you have the compilation “ Now That’s What I Call Music ” – the “ Use Album Title ” option means this album will be sorted to N in the album browser. Alternatively, the “ Use Various Artists ” option means that all compilations will sort to V .


Thanks for fixing this. :smiley:

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