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I have two albums imported into Roon by the same group, The Isaacs. The two albums show up under two separate group names…one album, Songs for the Times is listed under the group named The Isaacs, and the second album, American Face shows up under the group named Isaacs, The. The directory hierarchy looks like this:

Isaacs, The

American Face
Songs for the Times

So, it seems that something in the metadata is causing two separate group instances. All the music files are now named in the same format, but that wasn’t the case initially. After making sure that the naming conventions were exactly the same for both albums, I deleted them from Roon, and re-imported them, but I still got two separate group instances.

Is there a way I can have both albums show up under one group name? I see some editing options, but I don’t understand how they work.

Thanks, in advance for your assistance.

Hey @Frank_Cromer,

Thank you for your question! Good to see you, it’s been a while! Yes, you can merge artists rather easily in Roon. Here’s how you do it.

  • Select both The Isaacs on your artist page.

  • Click Merge artists (in the top right corner of the Artists page)

  • Select the Primary artist. When merging artists you’ll want to set the primary artist as the one with Discography, artist bio, etc, in order for these metadata assets to appear.

If both of those albums are from your local library you may want to add an Isaacs album from a streaming service so you can merge your Isaacs artist entries with the one from streaming. It will provide a bit more in the way of metadata details.

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