Name of parts of works gets superimposed in tablet

Hi there,

I’m currently running Roon remote on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2014 10.1" (

When I’m playing a classical recording or any other album that Roon classifies as a “Work” and that work has more than 10 parts, then in the Now playing/screen saver screen the title of that part of the work cannot be read as the boxes with the parts numbers require a 2nd. line after part number 10 and line 1 goes up and covers up the song name. This only happens in this particular screen and in the tablet, no issue in the computer running Roon.
Please have a look at the attached pic as it’s a bit hard to describe.

Just slightly annoying because I always have Roon in that screen when playing music using the remote.
Not urgent, so please don’t stop RoonSpeakers to fix this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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