Names of Shostakovich and Prokofiev written in Cyrillic?

On the Shostakovich/Prokofiev cello sonatas by Harrell and Ashkenazy the composers’ names are written with cyrillic letters, oops!

And Tchaikowsky and. Stravinsky and Mussoursky. Makes searching hard without a cyrillic keyboard and have reverted back to my metadata!

Oh dear, it’s happening now on my album of Peter and the Wolf, performed by “Weird Al” Yankovic and Wendy Carlos…

I just changed the metadata for the composer of some tracks from Carlos, Wendy to Wendy Carlos (to fit with Roon’s naming convention for composers), and now this happens. In addition, I see that Roon is now listing the tracks composed by Wendy Carlos to “Wendy Carlos, Carlos, Wendy”. That’s not really what I want.

How do I sort out this mess, please?

Right, I’ve just discovered how to sort out part of the mess.

It turned out that the first track of “The Carnival of the Animals, Part Two” (the introduction), didn’t have a composer tag defined in my metadata. I added “Wendy Carlos” as the composer, and magically the work as a whole now shows just “Wendy Carlos” as the composer.

I’m still stuck with Prokofiev shown in Cyrillic, though…