Nami UnitiQute 2 jumping to max volume

Greetings. I hit this problem too.

I just received an ultraRendu from SGC, and set it up with the Sonore UPnP Bridge to my Naim UnitiQute2. I want bit perfect streams so I assumed that I should configure ‘Fixed Volume’ in Roon’s Device Setup.

When I hit play in Roon, the UnitiQute Volume jumps to the maximum level. Fortunately, I had it restricted to 75% in my UnitiQute settings.

I found this thread, and am wondering if there are any updates on this issue with Naim devices.

Are there any recommended workarounds for now? (besides restricting the UQ’s max volume and adjusting the volume every time I start a stream from Roon).

Upon further observation, the Naim UQ2 volume jumps back to maximum when I edit / save audio settings from Roon. Not when I start (play) / stop streams.

Hello @Tampo_Tempo,

In the WebUI of the ultraRendu, go to the Roon Ready settings and set “Volume Control” to “None”, and then apply the change. This should permanently set the output volume to the ultraRendu zone in Roon to 100%, and prevent any further changes.


Hi @john,

I just saw your response…

I’m using the Sonore UPnP Bridge app (which uses Roon’s SqueezeLite support) on the ultraRendu, not the Roon Ready app. I assume that the Roon Ready app can only be used when the Rendu is directly connected to a USB DAC.

By the way, per further testing, I’ve found that the UnitiQute2 volume jumps to max whenever I do any of the following:

  • Restart ‘Roon Server Software’ from the ROCK admin page.
  • Reboot the device that hosts ROCK (a NUC in my case).
  • Save Audio settings from the Roon control app.
  • Save Sonore UPnP Bridge app settings from the ultraRendu admin page.

However, I just found a solution. As mentioned in the original post, I’ve been using ‘Fixed Volume’ in the Roon Audio Device Setup settings until now. I changed it to ‘Device Volume’ and the jumping to max volume problem is no longer happening.

I had originally configured ‘Fixed Volume’ as I wanted to be absolutely sure that I was using Roon in bit perfect mode. However, I now realize that the Roon Volume Control mechanism is not via DSP, but rather utilizes bidirectional volume commands that are passed between Roon and the audio device. I’m pretty certain that this is true, as the DSP Engine remains disabled. Is that correct?

Please confirm.

By the way, I jjust found this and read about the volume control options:

it seems dangerous to me, that when in ‘Fixed Volume’ mode, Roon sends a ‘set volume to 100%’ command to the audio device on start up.

Perhaps there needs to be a ‘% Volume’ setting (that defaults to 0%, not 100% !) that goes along with Fixed Volume mode?

Or there should be another choice: ‘None’, which obviously would not send any volume control commands to the device, even if that device indicates that it has volume control capability.

Fortunately I escaped without blown speakers, but that is surely going to happen to someone, if it hasn’t already.

Thanks, Chinchilla

Another bug…

0 volume on Roon gives me 8 or 9 on the UnitiQute2.

My settings…

Roon Audio Device Setup

Volume Control: Device Volume
Volume Limits
Min: 0
Max: 80
Comfort: 80


Max Volume: 60

When I set the volume on the UQ2 to 0, Roon shows 0. But if I increase the volume via Roon, then bring it back to 0, I end up with an actual volume of 8 or 9 on the UQ2.

Same if I restart Roon Server. Volume 0 on the UQ2 gets reset to 8 or 9.


Hoping for a response regarding the bug and my suggestions…

I got so frustrated with this issue that I ended up buying an integrated amplifier and I feed it with the fixed analogue output of my Uniti 2. How my speakers survived the ‘discovery’ I will never know!!

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