Naming a second ROCK/NUC Installation

I’m about to install the ROCK OS on a NUC6CAYH to act as an HDMI/USB endpoint only (I’ve had the ROCK core installed on a NUC7i7DNHE for quite some time now). Only one question remaining (can’t quite remember how the whole installation played out the first time with the Core) - does the ROCK installation automatically name the NUC (the PC) as ROCK or are you offered a choice as to what to name your NUC? If it automatically names a new second NUC as ROCK (or ROCK2?) can you change it and how? (and should the primary Core NUC [or ROCK] be disconnected from your network while installing ROCK on the second NUC?). I did a search and couldn’t really find an answer. I would like to name the NUC endpoint as ROPE (Roon Optimized Player/Endpoint) - I know, kinda corny :roll_eyes: :wink:, but there it is.

To rename you have to log in to the new install. Once in go to settings/setup and there you will see the option to rename your install third option down. On your network it will still show up as ROCK but when interacting from within Roon it will have the name you give it.

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Thanks, Henry. You’ve always been very patient with and helpful to us Noobies!

  • john

Figured out an even more geeky name for the Multichannel NUC/ROCK Endpoint: ROME; Roon Optimized Multichannel Endpoint. When will the Madness Stop?!? :crazy_face: :grimacing: :laughing:

aren’t all ROCKs ROMEs?

This name you can set will name the Core for Roon Discovery, but it will not change the “hostname” requested during DHCP.

yes – but it shouldn’t matter if you dont use the SMB location or use it by IP.

Yes, of course :smile: ! But this is a purpose-built endpoint, and, now, the core can be placed physically anywhere in the network and doesn’t have to be close to my AVRs. The “ROME” can also act as a remote network player/appliance via HDMI and/or USB (as long as I have a free HDMI input and/or USB DAC in my AVR/Integrated Amp or a separate USB DAC). But, of course, you already know that :wink: . What I really would wish for is a separate Roon Optimized Endpoint/Bridge OS, without all the server functions, to be used in just such an “appliance” like the one I built from the Intel NUC. Any chance that such a wish might come true in the future?