Naming the playlist file (.m3u / .m3u8)


I have a lot of album folders that have it’s own .m3u, or .m3u8 file.
But, lately, naming some of these files as the same as the folder name, makes the path be too long in the hard drive for the playlist file (.m3u / .m3u8), and I only will notice this if I’m batch renaming files/folders, or if I suspect a specific file is too long, and I decide to look into it.

So, to avoid not noticing these path length problems in the future, I’m starting to consider not naming the playlist files as the same as the folder.

Will Roon have any problems dealing with playlist files that don’t have the name of the albums?

What if all the playlist files are just named “playlist”? If I do it like this, each “playlist” playlist file will be in it’s folder it belongs to, but in case of a catastrophe, that the “playlist” playlist file is no longer with it’s album folder (example: somewhere else, not within it’s music album folder, but still imported, of course.), then I’m wondering how Roon would react to such a scenario.

In short, will Roon know the “playlist” named playlist file belongs to a specific album, even if the playlist file is not named like the album folder name?

P.S. - I know that playlist files need to be in the same watched folder of the music files. I learned that, today, while researching before asking these questions.

Thank you.