NanoPi NEO as Roon Bridge

Hi there!
I just got a couple of NanoPi NEO’s to play with. I had no issues with the suggested image which is a bloated Ubuntu-Core.
Had to install curl though, make RoonBridge installscript work.
It sounds great though!
(After disabling some QTe-Demo software in rc.local)

But, i’d like to try the DietPi image but that one seems unsuitable for my NanoPi? It wont boot at all???

Anyone tried DietPi with the NanoPi NEO?

Regards, Mike

Haven’t tried it, but the download page referenced here has a button for a DietPi NanoPi NEO image. Is that the one you tried ?

Absolutely! I have also got in contact with Daniel of DietPi so have a few things to try.

One difference is that DietPi image has got a FAT32 first partition, fully visible as “boot” on my Macs desktop.

With the ubuntu core image no partitions whatsoever are visible in Mac OSX. After writing the image the Mac immediately pops up a dialoge telling me that the SD inserted is unreadable. This one boots just fine in the NanoPi NEO though.

I’ll “tinker” some more and report back!

Ah! It works! And i probably just fooled myself the last time. For some reason the DietPi installation got a completely different IP from the Ubuntu-Core!??!
And the blue led which shows SD card activity is not implemented in DietPi distribution…
So i just figured it wasn’t booting at all due no response from the assumed IP (wrong one) and no SD-card activity (blue LED not implemented)

So, all is well! (again!;))

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I’ve come adrift with that also. I was shutting down the Pi without giving DietPi time to expand the file system. I realised this after hooking up a monitor and keyboard and watching it load.

Each OS on a device seems to get a different IP address. I understand the DHCPDISCOVER message sent by a device to the DHCP server includes the MAC identifier in the CHADDR field but it may be that the DHCP server default rules cater for simultaneous virtual machines running on the same hardware device.

Hi all, through trolling around the Roon Forums and with my rather modest linux skills, I managed to set up a Nanopi Neo running Roon Bridge. I used Debian Jessie OS. Have the Nanopi Neo installed with the heat sink and the little blue case they sell. Using 32GB card to hold the OS, which is overkill. Hooked it up to ethernet and did the whole ssh process to configure and install Roon Bridge. Working flawlessly and sounds great.

I run Roon Server headless on a mac mini in my office and stream to various Airport Expresses around the house, but nice to have a wired Roon Bridge device so I can use RAAT instead of letting Apple’s devices do their nasty conversions of FLAC to ALAC or whatever their thing is.

I paid $29, including $13 shipping from China for the device and accessories. Quite a bargain and if you have just a little experience with linux, it is a nice little DIY project. Going to do another one so I can separate the mac mini from sound output in my office.