NAS album display in Roon

Hi - I am newish to Roon. Two questions please:

I have added files from my NAS - one is a box set with 8 disks. Seven of the disks are all together in Roon and one is shown separately. How can I add the one to the other seven?

One of the disks displays like this (attached photo)

How do I correct that view please?

I still have the issue with some titles showing twice. I have edited the tracks but the track titles do not change when viewing the album. How do I overwrite my database?

Hi @Mark_Worsey

We have some information about organizing Box Sets here in our Help Center — Can you take a look and confirm that your files are organized as described here? If they appear to be correct, can you share some screenshots of the files in the storage location via Finder / File Explorer? Thanks!

Thanks Dylan. I deleted the lot and readded. It seems to have worked better this time.

Thank you for reaching out.

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